40k Battle Report # 1 – Moon Base Garage

One of the great things about having kids – is that as they grow up you can share your hobbies and interests with them.

My 3rd son and I have been learning to play 40k 8th edition together. Unfortunately with my career and his sports schedule neither of us get to play a lot of games. When we do play it is always at Epic Loot and Games in Centerville OH. Right now due to COVID-19 the store and gaming hall are closed.

Over the weekend we decided to try and make a new venue to play. I do own a pretty large house on a decent size lot – I also have 5 sons ! – so space can be difficult to find. At the back of my property I do have an old garage that is in pretty bad shape. My son and I have decided to try and fix it up and make it into our new clubhouse.

This is going to be quite an adventure for us as we don’t own any terrain – so it’s a perfect opportunity to try and build or buy some.

With that said – I give you battle report 1.

The Forces –
I ran the Ultramarines 2000 point list linked on the blog.
My Son – Let’s call him Zlatan – ran the 2000 point Death Guard list linked on the blog. One exception – I’m working on the 3rd Crawler – so we just subbed in a Drone and played it as though he fulfilled the brigade requirements.

Scenario – Maelstrom of War – Cleanse and Capture – We played Secret Objectives – So we did not share our tactical objectives till we turned them in.
Deployment – Search and Destroy
Psychic Powers
Epistolary Timeus Maximus: Scyers Gaze, Storm of the Emperors Wrath
Malignant Plague Caster: Putrescent Vitality, Miasma of Pestilence
Typhus: Curse of the Leper, Blades of Putrefaction

Ultramarines Warlord – Captain Acheran of the 2nd Company, Scion of the Codes, Santic Halo
Death Guard Warlord – Lord of Contagion – Regeneration, Fugaris Helm

The Death Guard put the Lord of Contagion into reserve. The main group of characters was surrounded by pox walkers with the Blight Haulers in Front. Plague marines were spread out to provide fire support. Crawlers in the back screened. Drone, Spawn, Plague Marines set up to Flank on the Left.

The Ultramarines started with the Heavy Hell Blasters on the box in the right corner. To the left a tactical squad and the dreadnaught held the left flank. Off screen just to the right we there were intercessors and the librarian. The main blob by he central box consisted of captain, lieutenants, land raider, 2 hell blasters squads, ancient, apothecary, and ironclad dread out front. Terminators were deployed inside the land raider.

Death Guard Turn 1

Movement – After stealing the initiative Zlatan went on the attack. He sent the blight haulers straight after my land raider. Shifted the Pox Walkers to follow. Then launched a flank attack from the left.

Psychic – Putrescent Vitality went up on the Blight Haulers. Miasma Failed.

1. The Blight Haulers fired Krak Missiles at Brother Cronus in the Land Raider – 0W
2. The Blight Haulers were able to kill one of the hell blasters with Multi Meltas – the Ancient’s banner allowed the model to fire back which caused 4 wounds due to super charge!
3. The Plague Marines put 1 wound on an intercessor.
4. His Crawlers and their mortars put 4 wounds on my dreadnaught with the las cannons. Did not have range on the Land Raider.

Zlatan discarded 2 of his tactical objectives at the end of the turn.

Ultramarines 1

Movement: – I drew Advance for one of my tactical objectives so I had to start getting everything out of my deployment zone. I also drew area denial – so I had to clear the center of the table. It was also a priority order so worth additional VP. I moved forward with the blob hoping to unload on the blight haulers and charge with the ironclad.

Psychic – Total Failure of No Consecquence

1. Brother Cronus – with the help of a command re-roll put 4 wounds out finishing the first of the blight haulers.
2. The Ironclad Dread failed to make an impact with his hunter killer missiles
3. Intercessors were unable to cause any wounds.
4. Both squads of Hell Blasters together were able to cause 4 wounds on the Blight Haulers – The extra toughness from the psychic power, invuln save, and disgustingly resilient made them difficult to hurt.
5. My Las Cannon Dread scored 1 VP by killing a spawn to claim First Blood.
6. The tactical squad missile launcher put 2 wounds on the bloat drone.

Charges & Close Combat:
1. The Ironclad made a 10 in charge into the blight haulers and caused 7 wounds! This left one remaining model with 4 wounds remaining. He did take a wound from an explosion.

This also allowed me to claim 4 VP for area denial and the priority order!

Death Guard 2

The blight hauler pulled out of combat with my Ironclad dreadnaught. The poxwalkers and characters continued to advance toward the center. The flank attack also moved up!

Psychic Phase:
1. The Plaguecaster put 2 mortal wounds on the dreadnaught with smite.
2. The Plaguecaster was also able to put Putrescent Vitality on the Poxwalkers
3. Typhus put Blades of Putrefaction on the Pox Walkers
4. Typhus then rolled Perils on Smite – which Zlatan used a command re-roll to avoid.

Shooting Phase:
1. The Crawlers managed to destroy the ironclad dreadnaught.
2. Plague Marines killed one intercessor.

Zlatan picked up 1 VP for turning in No Prisoners and another 2 VP for Area Denial.

Ultramarines 2


I kept trying to move out of the deployment zone to pick up another victory point. Unfortunately, I wasn’t quite able to make it. My main body moved up to try and remove the last blight hauler to claim a victory point for overwhelming firepower. My units on the left consolidated to fend off the flank attack.

1. I was able to regain a command point with Scryer’s Gaze.

1. Tactical doctrine helped – but all of those buff spells made it difficult. I let rip with everything and used some stratagems to help.
2. On the Left I was able to put 4 wounds on the Drone and 2 on the Spawn.
3. From the main group I was able to remove the blight hauler, kill 6 plague marines, and remove 5 pox walkers.

Zlatan used a command point to keep the last plague marine from breaking. I picked up 1 victory point for overwhelming firepower and discarded Defend 5.

Death Guard 3

The Poxwalkers continued to advance. The Crawlers moved up to better bring the entropy cannons to bear. Flank Attack moved up to Charge. Zlatan also used Deep Strike to bring the Lord of Contagion down next to his flankers to join the charge. Unfortunately, I used Auspex Scan with my Dreadnaught who was able to cause 6 wounds exactly with his twin lascannon! This gave me 1 VP for Slay the Warlord!

1. Typhus was able to cause 1 wound on an intercessor with Smite.
2. Blades of Putrefaction, Miasma of Pestilence, and Putrescent Vitality went up on the closest unit of pox walkers.

1. The Crawlers had a terrible round of shooting – together they were only able to put 5 wounds on the Land Raider and to kill 1 hellblaster.

Charges & Close Combat:
1. The Drone and Spawn were able to charge my dreadnaught. Together they were able to get him down to 1 remaining wound.

Ultramarines 3

I made a tactical withdrawal. I pulled the Dreadnaught out of Close Combat and backed up the main block of my army to force the slow Death Guard infantry to give chase. I also managed to pick up 1 VP for Advance by finally getting all of my units out of my deployment zone.

Psychic phase was a bust

1. My tactical squad and terminators removed the spawn and put a few wounds on the Drone.
2. The Main force to put 7 wounds on one of the crawlers and chipped the first unit of poxwalkers down to the last man.

Charges & Close Combat:
1. The Librarian and Intercessors charged and removed the Drone.

Death Guard 4

Zlatan continued to move up to engage the main force of my army.

Psychic phase was a bust.

Shooting was equally terrible. The Crawlers managed to put 2 wounds on Brother Cronus and his Landraider.

At this point Zlatan conceded. Mom threatened an orbital strike of the garage as it was getting pretty late.

Final Score:
Ultramarines – 8 VP for First Blood, Area Denial, Priority Order, Overwhelming Firepower, Slay the Warlord, and Advance.

Death Guard – 3 VP for No Prisoners and Area Denial.

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