First Completed Army 2020 – Ultramarines 2000 Points

This is the first completed army project in 5 years or so!

I posted my list awhile back – let me know what you think.

So far I have played 1 game against Tyranids. I am 1 – 0 .

Hellblasters of Squad Pixellius
Squad Dantarus
Squad Pandorus with Heavy Plasma Incinerators in the back
Captain Acheran with his Command Group
Apothecary Gaius next to reinforcements from the 1st Company
Epistolary Timaeus Maximus in Terminator Armor
Intercessors flanking to seize objectives
2nd Intercessor Squad and the last tactical squad of the 2nd Company
Ancients Agnathio and Priad continuing to crusade
Sgt Chronus and his Land Raider provide fire support

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