Books 2020 – #1 Damnation of Pythos

I’ve been trying to get caught up on the Horus Heresy Series – I started it back when it came out and stopped around Deliverance Lost. A few months ago I started back up.

I finished The Damnation of Pythos on the 6th.

It can be purchased here:

As far as my thoughts go – This book is an example of one of the key issues with the Horus Heresy Series. Given the number of authors and approaches taken to these novels there is a certain unevenness of quality across the series. Some of the books are fantastic, some are middling, and a few are just awful.

This particular story is toward the bottom end of the scale. It’s not anywhere near as terrible as the Battle for the Abyss or Descent of Angels – but it’s not really good either. At times it is slow and tough to get through. The story is very bleak and the outcome, while fitting, does the story no favors.

As the story also has no impact on the over arching plot of the series – this one can be skipped.


The contrast between Sergeant Galban and Captain Atticus is good. The clash of personalities and thoughts fleshes out the impact of the death of Ferrus Manus.


The Salamander and Raven Guard characters are cut outs with no personality or role. Notice how I didn’t name them? It’s because they are just two random names wearing the t-shirt of each legion. There was also no purpose in making the Raven Guard a psyker – as he barely had any reaction to the intense warp craziness going on around him – lost opportunity.

The book is slow and did not stick with me. I had to go back a week after I finished and re-read the Epilogue and ending to remember how things turned out.

I can see how some people would like how this reads similar to a horror novel – but it just did not have any real impact for me.

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