11. HE v Nurgle Daemons 6/1/2013

Nurgle Daemons vs. Riders of Ulthuan


Location: Art of War, Cincinnati
Date played: Saturday, June 01, 2013



I was really excited to play this game. My opponent is an extremely experienced tournament player and every time I’ve played him I have learned alot. He and I were both excited to see what happens when a Daemon Army runs into the dreaded BotWD deathstar. My opponent is not in the sky is falling crowd, but he was definitely worried about dealing with the banner.

I did not have a copy of my opponents list:

It went something like this – 2400 points.

Greater Unclean One – lvl. 4 wizard, He rolled Soul Eater and Unbreakable Skin for his Daemonic Gifts.

19 Plaguebearers w/ full comand and a herald – this herald had Incorporeal Strike as a gift.

38 Plaguebearers w/ full command and 2 heralds – one had corpulous and his bsb had unholy flurry

beast of nurgle

beast of nurgle

beast of nurgle

3 units of 2 nurglings

My list is the one linked at the top of my blog under the HE prototype list. This is the 2nd game I’ve been able to play with it and I definitely have some learning to do. There is a very serious execution element to playing this list and while I’m making progress, I definitely need more practice.

Spells went like so:

Greater Unclean One – Curse of the Leper, Rancid Visitations, Plague Wind, Blades of Putrefecation

Archmage – Apotheosis, Hand of Glory, Drain Magic, Arcane Unforging (which I was stupid for keeping-he had no magic items!), and Soul Quench from Khaine’s Ring.

So this is approximately how things looked after scouts and vanguard moves. I deployed widely to try and keep the nurglings out of my flanks and rear. I tried to put the Dragon Princes acrss from his toughest combat block. He of course then chaffed everything in front of them with his nurglings! Looking back, I should have definitely put the Princes out on the left flank and tried to bust up the smaller plaguebearer unit. I’m not sure that would have worked though as his 3 units of scouts could have just chaffed me up there as well.

My opponent definitely went for a point denial strategy here. I knew he was going to do everything possible to keep those two combat blocks and the greater daemon alive.

Turn 1 – Nurgle Daemons


1. His Right most Beast of Nurgle declared a charge against my ER2 unit. I fled, which casued him to fail his charge. He stumbled forward 4″. Unfortunately, I rolled an 11 and ended up bouncing through my phoenix. Fortunately, he did not flee!

2. His left most Beast of Nurgle declared a charge against my left most reaver unit. I fled 10″. – He redirected to my ER4 and I stood for that one, gambling that he couldn’t make it and wanting to prevent his nurglings from pulling anything. He failed and stumbled 4″.

3. His Nurglings on the left declared a charge against ER4. I was waiting for this and fled. 12″ He redirected toward my bus. I think he needed to roll a 12 and failed. I think he went about 3 inches toward it.

4. Hist left most plaguebearer unit moved up.

5. He moved the other nurglings to block up the center and reinforced them with a beast of nurgle.

6. Then he did something I did not expect. He moved the Greater Unclean one and big block of Plaguebearers toward the right flank. Every time I’ve played daemons they have always just come straight at me. This was highly unexpected!

Magic: – He rolled Snakeyes – which triggered a Daemonix Instability Test on Everything!

1. Of course, Nurgle was with him though and he did not suffer a single casualty!

2. With his 2 v 1 dice advantage he got curse of the Leper on the front most unit of Nurglings. They gained 2 T

Turn 1 – Riders of Ulthuan


HE 1


1. My Flying Chariot Charged the Front Unit of Nurglings

2. Snowflake charged the middle unit of Nurglings. He took 1 wound for failing his DT test.

3. The Reavers all rallied.

4. I moved ER3 up and reformed to not get in the way of ER 4’s shooting.

5. Pontiac flew to the flank of the small Plaguebearer Unit.

6. The Princes Moved Up hoping for the center to clear a charge lane.

7. ER2 moved up to shoot.

8. ER1 moved out of the charge arc of the Right most Beast.


1. I rolled 6 & 1 – both phoenixes improved their wardsave by 1

2. We both channeled – dice ended up 8 v 7

3. I used 2 dice on Soul Quench to hit the Beast of Nurgle in the Center. He took 2 wounds.

4. I used 2 dice to go for the Bigger Hand of Glory on my Chariot. It went of with Irresistible Force. I rolled the Str. 10 hit to everyone in base contact, but thankfully the banner saved my bacon and I only lost 1 knight. I lost 2 PD though.

5. I then failed to cast Apotheosis on Snowflake ending my magic phase.


1. Between combat and instability, the Chariot crushed the Nurglings and suffered no wounds in return. It overran 9″.

2. Snowflake inflicted 4 wounds and took none in return. He lost 2 more from his Instability test.

Turn 2 – Nurgle Daemons


Nurgle 2


1. His Greater Unclean One charged my Reavers. I fled, but only rolled a 3!. He caught and destroyed them.

2. His Right Beast declared a charge against ER2. I fled here as well and went back 8″. He redirected to Snowflake though and got him in the flank. I should have just stood for this one. Whoops!

3. The Left most Plague Bearers tried to charge both units of reavers (he redirected) they fled 9 and 10″ respectively. He stumbled forward.

4. He continued to clog up the middle.

5. That big unit of plaguebearers moved just a bit. I corrected the diagram a bit to more accurately describe it’s position.


1. He rolled 5 & 1 for Rot Glorious Rot – it hit my knights 9 times, but I saved them all.

2. He put Curse of the Leper on Snowflake with Irresistible Force. This lowered his toughness by 1.

3. His Greater Unclean One was sent back to Hogwarts and he forgot Blades of Putrification and Curse of the Leper.


1. Snowflake crushed the Beast of Nurgle with his Attacks! ( I forgot to mention my archers put some wounds on it in the previous turn)

2. Snowflake crushed the Nurglings with his Thunderstomp.

3. He took no wounds in returned and reformed to face the Flanks of the big unit of Plaguebearers.

Turn 2 – Riders of Ulthuan


HE 2

Movement: The diagram has some issues here. It is just a bit cluttered.

1. Snowflake hit the flank of the big block of Plague Bearers. I’m not sure that this was my best move, but I just couldn’t let that juicy flank get away.

2. My Knights hit the Nurglings.

3. Pontiac flew over the small unit of Plaguebearers and killed 2.

4. Reavers moved to redirect the small unit of plaguebearers.

5. ER 4 turned to support.

6. Chariot flipped around to set up a flank charge.

7. ER 2 moved up and I turned him to forced the Greater Unclean One to charge him in the front, but when he closed the door it would send him off toward the Archers on the right.


1. I rolled 6 & 3 which bumped up the Chickens’ ward save.

2. He channeled so dice were 9 v 7

3. I tried to cast Drain Magic on Snowflake to get rid of curse of the leper, he stopped that.

4. I put Hand of Glory on Snowflake and his stats went up by 2.

5. I healed Snowflake’s wound with Apotheosis.


1. I got a wound on the Greater Unclean One.

2. I also killed one of the plaguebearers in the small unit.


1. My bus just crushed the Nurglings, Overran and hit the other Beast of Nurgle.

2. Snowflake v. Plaguebearers

3. His Heralds both made way.

4. Snowflake put 1 wound on the bsb. Thunderstomp failed as well.

5. He took 3 in return, lost by 5, but stuck with my bsb and general nearby.

Turn 3 – Nurgle Daemons


Nurgle 3


1. Greater Unclean One charged ER2. They fled 8 inches. Big fatty stumbled 5″.

2. He moved his remaining Beast behind the other a bit to try and slow me up after my overrun.

3. The small unit of Plaguebearers did a swift reform to move toward the center.


1. He rolled 5 and 1 again for Rot Glorious Rot.

2. It put 1 wound on my chariot and 3 wounds on ER2.

3. He tried to put Rancid Visitations on the Chariot, but I stopped it.


1. Snowflake killed the bsb, but ended up on his last wound in return. Snowflake lost again, but stuck due to my bsb. He did a combat reform to get his flank back and gain ranks.

2. His Beast challenged my prince. I did 1 wound to him took none in return, but he took 2 more from his instability test.

Turn 3 – Riders of Ulthuan


HE 3


1. The Chariot went into support snowflake

2. Pontiac hit the flank of the Plaguebearers.

3. I did not want that small unit of Plaguebearers to hold my bus up, so I put reavers in his rear and flank hoping to hold them up.

4. ER2 rallied and moved around the trees.


1. I rolled 3 & 2 boosting the initiative on the phoenixes.

2. I went for the big apotheosis on Snowflake with 3 dice. It went of with Irresistible Force. He recovered 3 wounds, but my wizard also had to re-enroll in Hogwarts. He forgot apotheosis and Hand of Glory.


1. My Prince finished off that beast of nurgle.

Reavers v Plaguebearers

1. The Herald made way.

2. I put 1 wound on him for his trouble and 2 more on the unit.

3. 1 reaver from each unit was killed. I won by 2, but he rolled well for his instability test and reformed.

Big Combat

1. The Chariot inflicted 3 wounds.

2. Pontiac did 2 wounds

3. Snowflake did 1, but was killed in return! This really should not have happened and was a major bummer as it robbed me of a thunderstomp. The odds of him losing 4 wounds in this combat should have been pretty low.

4. Pontiac killed another 4 w/ his stomp and the unit suffered another 3 from instability tests!

Turn 4 – Nurgle Daemons

Nurgle 4


1. His Greater Unclean One charged the flank of my chariot.


1. He rolled another 6! Rot Glorious Rot again!

2. He killed 3 of my archers from the unit on the right. They held though

3. He threw all of his dice at the Big Plague Wind. I stopped it with an Irresistible Dispel.


Reavers v Plaguebearers

1. My guys inflicted 1 wound.

2. He killed 3 from the unit in his front.

3. He killed 1 to the unit in his flank.

4. We lost by 4, but both units held with the general and bsb nearby.

Big Combat

1. Pontiac killed 1 himself and another 2 with Thunderstomp.

2. The chariot inflicted 1 on the Plaguebearers.

3. His Greater Unclean one crushed the chariot and reformed.

4. Pontiac stuck.

5. The Greater Unclean One Reformed so that he could charge reavers or the bus

Turn 4 – Riders of Ulthuan

HE 4

Movement: The diagram is a bit off here.

1. My Prince Bus was aligned so that if it killed that beast of nurgle it would overrun into the big unit of plague beaers. I charged the beast, crushed it, and overran into the big unit. When I did this, a couple of knights were left out of the combat, but there was nothing I could do with how things were aligned.

2. My remaining 2 reavers on the right moved and reformed to keep the Greater Unclean One away from my bus for at least one more turn.


1. I rolled 2 & 1 – this robbed Pontiac of 1 strength.

2. I did not roll for any spells as none of them would be helpful and did not want to risk another miscast.


Bus v Beast

1. He challenged my prince. I put 2 wounds on him and took none.

2. Luckily, he popped with his instability test and I overran into the Plaguebearers.

2nd Round of Combat

1. My Prince Challenged – he answered with the unit champion.

2. I got 1 wound through his regen save onto the champion and killed him.

3. My noble got 2 through.

4. His regen saves came through here as none of my other guys inficted any wounds.

5. Pontiac did a couple.

6. He put all of his attakcs on my bsb. I used the charmed shield and saved the rest.

7. Pontiac came through unscathed.

8. He rolled a 3 for his instability test and took no further wounds.

Reavers v Plaguebearers

1. My guys inflicted 1 wound.

2. He killed 2 from the flank unit.

3. Both units stuck

Turn 5 – Nurgle Daemons


Nurgle 5


1. Fatty charged the reavers.


1. He rolled snakeyes again!

2. Unfortunately all of his tests only put 1 wound on the small plaguebearer unit.

3. He threw 3 dice at plague wind and failed.


1. He crushed all of my reavers and reformed to face the bus.

Big Combat

1. My Prince Challenged – his herald refused and slunk to the back.

2. My Prince put 2 on the unit.

3. The regen saves went crazy again, the rest of my guys did nothing!

4. Pontiac got 3 wounds through between his attacks and stomp.

5. I won combat and he rolled double 6 for his instability test! The unit went poof!

6. I reformed the knights and bird to face the small unit of plaguebearers.

Turn 5 – Riders of Ulthuan

HE 5

I double charged the unit of plaguebearers and we called it.

We both figured that unit would probably pop, but even if it didn’t my guys weren’t going anywhere.

Glory to the Asur!

Postgame thoughts:

1. Even with the banner, daemons are still pretty rough. They do not break, have regen, and daemonic instability makes them very difficult to kill.

2. Had that big unit of plaguebearers stuck around, I think we were headed for a draw. I’m not sure exactly about the point totals of the units on the board, but it would have been close.

3. I think my list is pretty tough, but man it could be a whole lot tougher. Silver Helm Core + White Lion BotWD deathstar – yeowch.

4. I’m still not sure I’m playing my reavers correctly. I also may have been way too impatient when I put Snowflake into the flank of that big unit of plague bearers.

Unit by Unit Grades:

Prince – A

His leadership 10 bubble was truly helpful here. I did not fail a fear test with anything and it made a huge impact on keeping my reavers in the game. He also did a fair bit of butt kicking on his own.

Noble – A

The bsb did what a bsb does. He also weathered the storm of about 8 attacks in one round of combat. Of course the banner helped out too.

ArchMage – D

While not entirely his fault, my magic phases were extremely uneffective.

Snowflake – A

I think he fell to some unlikely dice rolls. He pretty much took on the center of the enemy army all by himself and lasted through several rounds of combat. The Frost bird is one tough cookie.

Pontiac – B

He did not achieve what Snowflake did, but was a key contributor to that big combat in the middle. Unfortunately, with the death of snowflake his ability to strip regen came after all of my knights made their attacks. He isn’t a frost chicken, but I still think there is a place for him.

Skycutter – B

This thing is just a fragile charge machine. It did clear out the Nurglings, but I just wish I could get it in combat with a unit that breaks.

Archers – C

They did a few wounds, but more importantly didn’t die

Reavers – A

I think these guys are extremely dynamic and whatever failings they have are more due to my inability to play them right. I was mightily impressed by how long they held up that smaller unit of plague bearers.

Dragon Princes – C

Other than holding the banner, my knights really didn’t kill anything. They are going to have to do better next time

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