3 Bret v Tomb Kings, 2000 points (10/12)

Last night I played a league game against a TK opponent.  It was a 2000 point battle using a custom scenario.

The Scenario went like so!

Reinforcements at Last!

With a base camp established your general has called up additional reserves to bolster the army.  Unfortunately, they haven’t arrived yet and the scouts have reported a number of armies on the march.  Battle calls and hopefully the reinforcements will answer…


Roll for D3 +4 pieces of terrain.  This terrain can be randomly generated according to pg. 142 of the basic rulebook, or players can reach an agreement between them concerning what types of terrain are used.  However, any terrain pieces that are not buildings shall be Mysterious Terrain.

Roll off and then alternate placing terrain.


The battle is to follow the rules for the “Battleline” scenario on pg. 144 of the brb, but with the following additions.

Before deploying, both players nominate 1 unit in their armies to enter the game according to the rules for reserves on pg. 142 and pg. 27 of the brb, but with the following restrictions.

Reinforcement units may not contain either players general and will automatically enter the game in turn 2 during the remaining moves phase of each players turn.

Also, the reinforcements were in such a rush to make the battle, they did not have time to consult the plan of attack.  When they enter the battle, it will be according to the Deployment table and map for the “Dawn Attack” scenario on pg. 145 of the brb.

All Deployment Special Rules are in effect with the following exception.  If a player wishes to have other units arrive as reinforcements, those units must deploy according to the deployment table for “Dawn Attack” as well.

Game Length

The game shall end after turn 6 or at any time a player’s army is wiped out.  If a player chooses to concede, determine Battle Points according to the 2000+ VP difference section of the scoring chart.


“Short of numbers, the general must rise to the occasion!”



At the end of turn 6 determine Victory Points according to pg. 143 of the brb.  Once Victory Points are determined, refer to the attached table to resolve battle points.

Bonus Battle Points

+2 Lead from the front

To achieve this goal, your general must kill an enemy character, unit champion, or monster class model by any means necessary.   If for any reason your general flees, you may not achieve this objective – even if you had already done so!

+2 Break their spirits!

To achieve this objective, you must kill the enemy BSB by any means necessary!  If the bsb kills himself with a miscast you did not cause or some other disaster you had no part of, you may not achieve this objective.

+1 Adapt and overcome

Plans are out the window and the general’s tactical acumen must come to the fore.  To achieve this objective, a unit in your army must complete a flank or rear charge.

+1 Have 2 fully painted units on the table

Scoring Instructions

Total Victory points up for both players and then consult the VP Difference Table to determine Battle Points.  Fill in the Score Card with this information and any Bonus Battle Points Earned.  Initial the bottom of the page and turn it in to the store manager.

VP Difference Battle Points VP Difference Battle Points
2000+ 20 / 6 250-499 11 / 9
1750-1999 18 / 6 0-249 10 / 10
1500-1749 17 / 7
1250-1499 15 / 7
1000-1249 14 / 8
750-999 13 / 8
500-749 12 / 9
  Player 1 Player 2


VP Scored      
Battle Points      
+2 for Leading from the front    
+2 for Breaking their spirit    
+1 for Adapting and Overcoming    
+1 for having 2 paintedUnit    
Total Points      

My List went like so:

Prophetess, Level 4, Lore of Beasts, Dispel Scroll, Crown of Command, Horse
Damsel, Level 2, Beasts, Prayer Icon
Paladin, BSB, Horse, Enchanted Shield, Virtue of Duty, Biting Blade
Paladin, Horse, Charmed Shield, Lance, Virtue of Heroism, Potion of Foolhardiness

Knights Errant x 14, Full CMD, Errantry Banner
KotR x 13, Full CMD, War Banner
Men at Arms x 42, Musician, Standard
Peasant Bowmen x 10
Peg Knights x 3
Trebs x2

His list went like so:

Tomb King, Sword of Anti Heroes, Armour of Destiny, Dragonbane Gem, the Other Trickster’s Shard
Tomb Herald, BSB, Standard of the Undying Legion
Liche Priest, Lore of Nehekara, Enkhil’s Kanopi,
Liche Priest, Lore of Nehekara, Dispel Scroll

Skeleton Warriors x 43, Full CMD, Spears & Shields
Tomb Guard x 27, Full CMD, Razor Standard
Skeleton Archers x 39
Skeleton Horsemen x 10
Sepulchral Stalkers x 3
Casket of Souls

I was a bit thrown by this list.  I expected to see a level 4 caster and some monsters.  Fortunately for me they were absent!

We rolled for spells.

My Prophetess ended up with: Wyssan’s Wildform, Pann’s Impenetrable Pelt, The Savage Beast of Horros, and the Curse of Anraheir
My Level 2 Damsel got: Wyssan’s Wildform and Transformation (which is the point of the whole set up bwa ha ha).

His Heirophant rolled: Some Dead Guy’s Incantation of Vengeance, and Incantation of the Skullstorm
His other priest rolled: Righteous Smiting, and something Dessication something

Luckily for me he did not get the spells that would have given his Tomb Guard Heroic Killing Blow or the spell that would let him march his units.


1. I placed my missile troops on the other side of the river to try and help protect them a bit.
2. My Peg Knights made a vanguard move up behind the wall .
3. The other stuff was placed as depicted.

My army prayed and then my opponent did something surprising.

He gave me first turn!

Apparently, he received some coaching from a guy I play pretty regularly and he spent a good bit of time warning him about my penchant for devastating first turn charges. This was probably a mistake on his part as it robbed him of an opportunity to get some magic working before I could really do much in the way of maneuvering.

Bret 1

I knew he was expecting me to be aggressive, but I wanted no part of my knights getting into his Skeleton Warriors unsupported (3 characters in there!) or those Tomb Guard packing Killing Blow. So I decided to see if I could bait him into a trap.

1. My Peg Knights did the whole flying charge thing into his Skeleton Warriors. I had considered marching them behind them to get the Casket next turn, but figured I would beat the Skeletal Horsemen and reform to charge them in turn 2 or 3 anyway.

2. My Knights and Peasants moved up, but I carefully measured so that they would be just beyond his maximum charge range.

Winds were 4 v 3.
1. I cast Wyssan’s on my Knights just because and he blew his dispel scroll. I’m not really sure why, but in my head I went cha-ching.

1. My trebs managed to kill 6 Tomb Guard.


1. My Peg Knights began a serious streak of awesome. They put 6 wounds on the Skeletal Horsemen while receving none in return. The remaining skeletons crumbled to dust due to the unstable rule. The Peg Knights reformed to charge the casket next turn.

TK 1


1. My opponent took the bait and moved his infantry blocks forward.

Winds were 10 v 6

1. He cast the bound spell from the casket on my bowmen. I expected him to target the Peg Knights, but he said he was hoping it would bounce into the trebs and mess with them. I’m not really sure why he didn’t just target a treb, but I was ok with his decision to shoot some worthless peasants! I let him have it and he killed 4 Bowmen, miraculously they held on their leadership test.

2. He cast righteous smiting on the Tomb Guard assuming I would charge something next turn. As I had no plans on doing that, I let him have that one too. It also revived 3 of the TG.

3. He cast the vengeance spell and I dispelled it with 4 dice, leaving us both with 2 dice left.

4. He attempted to cast Righteous Smiting on the Skeletal Warriors, but failed to meet the casting roll.

Bret 2

Bret 2

1. My Knights Errant entered the game, but rolled to do so from the left flank which put them in the river. They moved forward and the river became a River of Light. My Knights Errant received good old Pha’s Protection for their trouble.

2. My Peg Knights charged the casket and made it!

3. My Men at Arms and KotR continued the deception and backed up! This put my KotR just out of charge range again, while leaving the Men at Arms in position to be a speed bump.

I did not record what the winds roll ended up being.

1. I threw 6 dice at Transformation with my Damsel and it went off turning her into a Great Fire Dragon Bwa Ha Ha!
2. I attempted to cast the curse on the Tomb Guard, but it was dispelled.


My peasants continued to be useless and my trebs managed to get 3 more Tomb Guard.


Peg Knights crushed the casket without taking any wounds and reformed to face the center of the board.

TK 2


1. The Skeleton Archers came onto the board.
2. The Sepulchral Stalkers did not come in.
3. The Infantry Blocks continued to take the bait and moved up.

Winds were 7 v 8

1. He attempted to cast Righteous Smiting on his archers. I figured he would try to do this twice and I wanted no part of 117 arrows falling on my dudes. I used my dispel scroll to get this one.
2. He tried it again, but now that I had more dice than he did and a level 4 caster on the table v his 2 level 2’s, I let her dispel this one.
3. He also tried to use the Kanopi to dispel my dragon, but I had more dice than he did and a higher level caster so I hammered this one.


1. His archers killed 6 of my peasants. Huzzah!

Bret 3

Movement (I’m working left to right here as opposed to the order of moves I made.

1. I marched my Peg Knights out toward the center of the board. I had considered trying to run them around to mess with the bowmen, but wanted to get them ready to take part in the skeleton gang bang I had in the works.

2. My Knight’s Errant also moved up to join the party. I needed an 18 to make the Impetuous charge, but fortunately they passed their leadership test and moved how I wanted them too.

3. The Dragon charged the Tomb Guard who without HKB would do nothing to it.

4. The peasants moved up and wheeled to obstruct and redirect the Skeletal Warriors.

Winds were 7 v. 4

1. I cast curse on the Spearmen and it went off.
2. I cast Wyssan’s on the peasants and got it off as well.


1. My Damsel Dragon did what she does. She took no wounds, killed the Hierophant, and put a ton of wounds on the unit. After combat the remainder of the Tomb Guard crumbled into dust. She then reformed to face the skeletons and the impending gangbang.

TK 3

The Stalkers failed to show up again (which is exactly why I don’t deepstrike in 40k)

1. 2 Archers crumbled.
2. No Spears Crumbled.
3. The Spears charged the peasants (bwa ha ha).

10 v 6

1. He used a bound spell on his BSB’s banner. The banner of undying legions or something like that. Unfortunately it went off irressitibly. He rolled Power Drain though and only took a wound on the bsb and lost 3 PD. The spell did restore 6 spearmen.

2. With a huge advantage in power dice and dispel levels I easily dispelled his attempt at the kanopi.


1. His archers put 1 wound on the peg knights.


1. Becasue of curse and wyssan’s in play, this combat went pretty favorably for me. There were a few casualties on both sides and I ended up losing combat by 1, but was steadfast due to my ranks. The KotR unit and BSB were also in range to help out so it didn’t matter too much anyway. The Peasants held setting the gang bang into motion.

Bret 4


The train came a rollin big time.

1. The Peg Knights made the charge into the rear of the SW (it wasn’t as tough as it may look here, I think I needed to roll an 8).
2. The KE got the flank.
3. The KotR got the front.
4. The Dragon got the other flank.

Winds were 8 v. 4

1. I put Wyssan’s on the peasants
2. I put Curse on the Skeletons, it went off irresistibly, but fortunately for me I also rolled PD. My prophetess took a wound and my magic phase was over.


My Peasants were useless again.


1. I made a tactical decision to challenge with my HKB paladin. His Tomb King had the Sword of Anti Heroes and I wanted to limit the wounds he would do in the combat. I also had a higher initiative and a 6 to wound would have been pretty epic. He accepted, my paladin did 1 wound, then fell to 2.
2. The Gangbang went down in all it’s disgusting splendor. I did a ton of wounds without taking more than a few. I won combaty by 30 and the remainder of his unit crumbled away to nothing.

After that he threw in the towel and that was that.
I think my opponent really suffered for the coaching he received. He was so focused on what he had been told that I would do that it probably made havoc with his decision making. He tipped his hand pretty good when he gave me first turn and then fell into the trap over the course of the game.

I was excited to do so well in this game as it should have pushed me back up in the standings for my league after my disastrous loss against the skaven last week.


  1. Yeah I realized that after the game. I don’t think it made a whole lot of difference though as I would have just got the casket in T2. Those horsemen wouldn’t have accomplished much.

  2. Just another FYI on the TK magic phase. The killing blow spell doesn’t upgrade to heroic killing blow, but rather it grants killing blow on a 5 or 6.

    Speaking from experience, Brettonia is the single worst army to face when playing as Tomb Kings (Warriors of Chaos being a close second) as there is no reliable method for TK’s to deal with strong armour saves.

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