Project Garage: Converting an outbuilding to an awesome headquarters

I am working on funding a project to renovate an old barn turned garage into an awesome hobby work space and place to play games with my kids and friends.

The garage is large – it was built out of the remains of a barn at the back of my property. Unfortunately, it is in pretty rough shape and is in danger of falling down. I bought the house we live in a few years ago and have been working on restoring the house. (I live in a historic district in a 200 year old village).

The garage has not been a priority as it is pretty far from the house and not used. I’d like to change that and convert it into a great space to host games and maybe even a local gaming club.

In order to raise some extra funds to subsidize this venture I created a t-shirt and a few items for sale. Any support would be greatly appreciated.

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