In Her Majesty’s Name – Best Game Ever!

Hi Everyone

It’s been awhile.  I haven’t had much time to game, but I’ve found the perfect reason to find time.  I discovered a game that is about 1 year old published by Osprey called In Her Majesty’s Name.

There is so much right about this game and I’m excited I found it.  There are two official supplements available (Heroes Villains & Fiends – Sleeping Dragon Rising Sun) and a third (Gothic) posted on the authors’ blog along with Errata and other cool stuff.

This is a skirmish game using a simple d10 system that offers a great deal of tactical depth.

I think the most exciting thing about the game though is that it offers a complete point system and encourages players to create just about anything they can imagine.  The low model count involved also makes this incredibly friendly to get started with.

I’m so excited to be able to just by models I think are great (without having to worry about rank filler, numbers, core costs, etc.) and then get them on the table.

Right now I’ve made a company using my Skaven models, a Wyatt Earp led posse, and am going to create a Wild West Themed Wizard of Oz list and Skeleton Pirate Crew.

Trust me on this – Check this out!


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