13. “The Cleansing of Avreux” – Bret v. Ogres 2500!

The Ravenous Horde vs. Red Crusader’s Host


Scenario: Meeting Engagement
Location: Eastside Games n Cards
Date played: Saturday, August 03, 2013

The Ravenous Horde – Roughly

General: Bob Marley

  • GT1 10 Gnoblar Trappers
  • GT2 10 Gnoblar Trappe
  • GT3 10 Gnoblar Trappers
  • L1 6 Leadbelchers w/ bellower
  • L2 6 Leadbelchers w/ bellower
  • L3 6 Leadbelchers w/bellower
  • M 6 Maneaters
  • I! 10 Ironguts
  • S Slaughtermaster
  • B Bruiser – bsb
  • I2 Ironblaster

Red Crusader’s Host

General: Red Crusader – Using the Bret List linked to at the top of the page!

Lord Robayar crumpled the letter in his golden gauntlet.

“Ogres have taken Avreux. We ride tonight!”

“Ogres, Lord?” asked Sir Baldric. “Will we not need more knights?”

Robayar’s brow creased as he considered his standard bearer’s suggestion. “No Baldric. I’ll not share the glory. But, do summon the armsmen. Once the Ogres have filled their bellies, we strike!”



Bob and I rolled up Meeting Engagement and a bunch of terrain. We rolled 2 encampments of destruction – each 2 buildings, and 2 walls!

His Slaughtermaster rolled up: The Maw, Troll Guts, Spine Marrow, & Bone Crusher

My Prophetess had: Throne of Vines, Flesh to Stone, Regrowth, & Dwellers Below

My Damsel had: Transformation of Kadon (yes!) & Wyssan’s Wildform

Bob had 1 unit of Gnoblars and 1 Unit of Lead belchers that were forced to be in reserve.

My General & BSB began the game in reserve with my KotR & my Peg Knights were also forced to stay in reserve.

My chief concern with deployment was to try and box those maneaters out of my deployment zone and keep them away from anything real important. 6 of those guys is really hard to deal with! This forced me to put bowmen in a few places that limited their effectiveness, but that is a small sacrfice to make. All of the buildings, walls, and other terrain features also put my knights in a difficult position. I knew I was going to have to play patiently and preserve them for the charge.

Bob didn’t want to risk the Maneaters on the right side of my battle line and scouted them 12″ from my left most bowmen unit. I was perfectly ok with this as the terrain would keep them out of my way for awhile.

Also, the Haunted Mansion in this diagram is bigger than what we used, so please keep that in mind.

My guys prayed and revealed the icon, so Bob took first turn

Turn 1 – The Ravenous Horde



1. The Leadbelchers & Gnoblars come on the board to the left and move up to support the Maneaters.

2. Maneaters move up to kill my bowmen.

3. Ironblaster moves up to stare at my Men at Arms.

Magic: 7 v 4

1. He cast Trollguts on his Ironguts w/ 4 dice. – I let it go as there were other more important things to treb.

2. He tried to cast Bonecrusher at some bowmen w/ 3 dice, but failed to cast.


1. His maneaters and Leadbelchers on the left kill all of my bowmen – 5 of the maneater shots were poison!

2. We ran into the whole can a chariot with a cannon mounted on it pivot in the shooting phase rules debate. We still aren’t sure how to play this, but last night we let it pivot. So, his Ironblaster pivoted & shot a cannonball at my KE. 3 were killed!

Turn 1 – Red Crusader’s Host

RC 1

1. My KotR unit came on the board next to my KE. The space here is a bit small, it all fit on the actual table.

2. My Peg Knights came on and hid behind the building to the right. They weren’t in the forest. Spacing is just a bit off.

3. My men at arms managed a swift reform and moved toward the Ironblaster.

Magic: 11 v 6!

1. I tried to cast Throne of Vines on my Prophetess with 2 dice, but she failed the cast…..

2. I got Wyssan’s off on my Men at Arms w/ 3 dice.

3. I used 6 dice to turn my Damsel into a Great Fire Dragon. It went off with Irresistible Force and didn’t do anything.


1. My bowmen got a wound on his Ironblaster.

2. One of my Trebs killed 2 Leadbelchers

Turn 2 – The Ravenous Horde

Ogres 2

1. On the actual table, the building was just out of the arc of sight of his Maneaters. So he moved them to get it in los.

2. The Leadbelchers & Gnoblars moved up to support.

3. The Ironblaster spun around, moved away from my dragon, & spun back around to face my lines.

Magic: 9 v 5

1. He used 6 dice to dispel my dragon.

2. He used 3 dice to cast bone crusher. I tried to dispel with my 5 and failed!. It went off, but did nothing.


1. He put 4 wounds on my bowmen in the left building, they fled off the table

Turn 2 – Red Crusader’s Host

RC 2


1. The Men at Arms marched forward

2. The Peg Knights flew up around them on to the hill. Move looks huge here, it was legit on the table. They are also beyond the reach of the leadbelchers.

3. Everything else sat still.

Magic: 3 v 2

1. I used 3 dice to put Wyssan’s up on the Peg Knights.


1. Bows got another wound on the Ironblaster.

2. Treb killed a lead belcher on the middle unit.

3. Stupid Haunted Mansion got 1 KotR

Turn 3 – The Ravenous Horde

Ogres 3


My patience paid off. Bob realized he was out ranged and that his cannon was in a tough spot, so he just brought it all at me! This is all part of how you deal with an army like this. I need him to bust up the castle and start giving me openings to make charges. I’ve heard alot of people complain about ogre armies like this – so please pay attention, because what I start to do after this is exactly how you deal with them.

Magic: 5 v 4

1. He cast the bit Trollguts w/5 dice and it went off. – I could’ve used a scroll, but stubborn is no big deal as I’m not in combat with anything. So I believe everyone, but the Cannon and maneaters became stubborn.


1. He killed one bowmen in the building on the right

Turn 3 – Red Crusader’s Host

RC 3


1. Peg Knights & Men at Arms both charge the Ironblaster.

2. Everything else sat still and continued to take shelter from the shooting.

Magic: 10 v 6

1. I tried to cast Throne of Vines w/2 dice – he dispelled w/ 3.

2. I tried to put Flesh to Stone up on something w/ 2 – he dispelled w/3.

3. I threw 6 dice at Transformation, it went off with IF and I rolled cascade – luckily only 5 peasants died!


1. My bowmen killed 3 Gnoblars.

2. My treb killed 2 more belchers on the right – reducing that unit to just 2 models!


1. My Peg Knights killed the Ironblaster before anyone else could fight.

2. The Men at Arms overran 4″.

3. My Peg Knights just reformed and hid behind the men at arms from all the shooting

Turn 4 – The Ravenous Horde

Ogres 4

1. He wanted to try and take some shots at my Peg Knights, but wasn’t able to really get the stuff out of the way to get clear shots at them.

2. The other units of lead belchers and gnoblars moved up to support.

3. The man eaters went into the haunted mansion.

Magic: 9 v 6

1. Bob used 6 dice to dispel the Dragon.

2. He got the Maw off with Irresistible Force on my Peasants. It ended up killing 10 of them. He lost 2 wizard levels, the maw, & troll guts for his trouble. This did not cause a panic test. He needed to kill a few more.


1. He was able to kill 7 of my Men at Arms w/ leadbelcher shooting. There was no test here either. After their numbers were reduced by the maw, I think he needed 9 or so to make it happen.

I’m a firm believer in the peasant herd just for this reason. He killed 17 dudes, but was unable to get to 25% of the models that the unit started each phase with. After all of that, I still had 29 of them plus the damsel

Turn 4 – Red Crusader’s Host

RC 4


1. My Peg Knights went after the Gnoblars – I hate taking dangerous terrain tests, but it would be worth it to overrun into the depleted lead belcher unit.

2. My Men at Arms make the long charge into the other unit of lead belchers.

3. I knew the decisive moment was coming so I moved the Knights up to get ready to charge. They could see the leadbelchers, but would have still gotten cover. It is hard to get this right with these diagrams. Basically, I was lined up directly parallel with the front of the mansion. We were using a square building.

Magic: 3 v 2

1. I used all of my dice to put flesh to stone up on the Men at Arms.


1. I’m not sure how, but I put a couple of wounds on those lead belchers.


1. I lost 1 peg knight somehow, but crushed the gnoblars and pursued into the belchers.

2. My peasants killed and ogre. We took 2 wounds in return. I won by 6. The leadbelchers broke from combat, I ran them down and clipped the Gnoblars. 2 of them died to dangerous terrain

Turn 5 – The Ravenous Horde

Ogres 5


1. The guts went into the flank of my men at arms. The diagram is just off.

2. The Maneaters left the building and the Leadbelchers got into the haunted mansion.

3. The Gnoblars moved up.

Magic: 9 v 6

1. He threw 6 dice at the bubble stubborn spell – I scrolled it.

2. He only had a magic missle left after that so no more casting.


1. His maneaters and belchers killed 8 of my archers – they stuck.


1. My peasants killed a Gnoblar and did 1 wound to the guts. He killed 5 (yay prayer icon), but as I was disrupted I was no longer steadfast. Broke and he elected to pursue with both units. The Gnoblars caught me and when he rolled his pursuit moves the guts moved up and bounced back an inch.

2. My Peg Knights killed his Lead belchers and reformed to face the rear of his gut bus

Turn 5 – Red Crusader’s Host

RC 5

This is the game of heroes and the moment was upon me!


1. KotR and KE charge the Gnoblars hoping to crush them and overrun into the guts. Unfortunately those damn Trappers were extra crafty. They killed 2 KotR and 5! KE. I also managed to get a wound on my paladin with the wyrmlance! Gah! I always lose more knights to dangerous terrain than anything else!

2. My remaining archers moved up to redirect his maneaters. Things are a bit off here, because of the building and my incompetence.

3. The other bowmen turned to take pot shots.

Magic: 8 v 5

1. I tried throne w/3 dice. He dispelled it w/5.

2. I used Regrowth with 3 and got 1 KE back.

3. I tried for Flesh to Stone w/2, but he finally used his dispel scroll.


1. I got 1 man eater with the bowmen and the treb got 1 belcher.


I crushed the Gnoblars and overran into the guts

Turn 6 – The Ravenous Horde

Ogres 6


1. He elected to charge my bowmen and just get the points.

2. He put the Gnoblars into the flank to try and disrupt me or force me to put attacks into them.

Magic: 6 v 4

1. He tried to bubble spinemarrow as he was afraid that I would kill his bsb who was packing the crown of command. Not sure what happened, but it went off.


1. His leadbelchers nuke my Peg Knights.


1. My General got his bsb down to 1 wound – the knights behind couldn’t finish him off

2. My BSB killed his unit champion.

3. My wyrmlance paladin killed an ogre.

4. The rest of the knight units got 3 more.

5. The KE unit was reduced to just the champion – which brought my prophetess to the front rank.

6. I lost my unit champion in the KotR unit.

Not killing his bsb was a major bummer as I won combat by a ton. He was stubborn, but having the re-roll in place just sucked

Turn 6 – Red Crusader’s Host

RC 6

Magic: 9 v 5

1. I got throne up with 3 dice.

2. I got Regrowth off with 3 dice – I regrew 3 KE – pushing my Prophetess back into the 2nd rank.

3. He crushed my attempt at Flesh to Stone on the KE.


1. I managed to get 1 wound on the maneaters.


1. My general killed off his bsb.

2. The units exchanged wounds After all was said and done combat was tied and that was the end of the game.

We totalled the score.

I won by 300 points exactly – so a minor victory for Bretonnia.

Post game thoughts.

1. An intense shooting army like this – absolutely – must be controlled by terrain. He shot at my stuff all game, but between range & cover needed 6’s & 7’s to hit my stuff for the vast majority of his shooting attempts.

2. Patience is extremely important with match ups like this. Bob blinked first and went after my disposable units. This set him up for the combat with my Knight Units. Of course the Gnoblars killing all those KE with Dangerous Terrain probably saved the game for him, but if he had just hung back behind his wall and re-positioned he would not have lost the game.

3. This was a terrible board for Bretonnia – Buildings and Dangerous Terrain everywhere!

4. The Dragon did a great job of eating his power dice. That spell is expensive, but when you can use it – it makes a big difference even if you don’t get into combat


  1. Great report, and well done for showing patience. I don’t think I would have been able to hold back all the interesting bits of my army until turn 5. Obviously it worked out for you, but do you think that there is a risk that all your chaff can get killed and the big Knight blocks get stuck on something big but cheap (Slaves, for example)?

  2. Thanks!

    That is definitely a risk with Bretonnia. Hopefully though between The Trebuchets, Archers, Men at Arms, & Dwellers Below – I can soften up a block like that.

    Thanks for reading!

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