So much to do!

I’m an indifferent and slow painter, but I try real hard.

Right now my work table is loaded up with dwarfs and knights i need to get tournament ready!





Here is a shot of my general.



  1. You’ve got a lot of miniatures on your table – you must be able to run through a good number at a time.

    I like the close up of your general. Have you considered some simple wash techniques? Even just an ‘all-over’ coat of brown, black or sepia wash could really bring some depth to the miniature. The shield is good, a very clean white (I’m assuming that the lion is a decal, or your freehand is amazing).

    1. Oh I’m slower than molasses. The miniatures on my table will take months!

      Thanks for the compliment on the general. I have washed lots of minis, but have had some horrible stuff go wrong with my knights as I want the colors to be bright and vibrant. I washed a couple of them and ended up being unsatisfied. If you can see the high elf behind the general, he has been heavily washed and dry brushed.

      The lion on his shield is one of the transfers. It took me awhile to get those right as well, because I’m a bit clumsy.

      The General model scares me to wash, because of just how bright and clean the red and white are. I know the wash would pop the details, but I don’t want it to darken the model up. What would be the best way to avoid that?

      1. I am not anything special as a painter, so take my thoughts with a suitable pinch of realism.

        You don’t need to drown the miniature in Devlan Mud as appears to be popular in the internet (though this is the easiest route). Just pick a few small sections and see what happens. In the case of your general, I might try a couple of thin washes of black over the scale-mail parts of his horse, and perhaps highlight with base colour to lighten it back up. Drybrushing works well enough for me, but ‘good’ painters probably use more subtle techniques. Similarly, a sepia wash over his cloak / armour would give a bit of depth. Basically, give it a try and see what happens (on a different miniature since I guess your general has a special place in your heart). I agree that you want to stay off that excellent white.

        Of course, they’re your miniatures, you can have them however you wish. I find that photos don’t tend to do justice to miniatures that are fine at tabletop distance.

        Good luck!

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