8 – Bret v Lizardmen (2k) 11/2012

This was a 2000 point battle I played in November for my league against a Lizardmen Army. I don’t have a copy of the exact army lists, I seem to have misplaced them.

Spells ended up like so:

Slaan was a loremaster of life.
His Skink Priest on the Stegadon/Engine of the Gods was lore of heavens. Not sure about the spells.

My Prophetess had Wyssan’s, Curse, Savage Beast and Pann’s
My Damsel had Transformation and Wyssan’s

This was a custom scenario where we had to place 4 marshes plus d3 pieces of terrain that were randomly generated. We ended up with 2 forests and 2 hills and alternated placing the marshes. My opponent placed them all down the middle like that to break up the table.

The scenario also required us to put a piece of cardboard across the table so deployment was hidden. Which of course meant that I concentrated my knights on the opposite side of the wall of marsh….



My Army Prayed, so he went first.

Lizard 1



Lizard 1

1. His infantry moved up!

Magic went 11 v 6 and his Slaan had other free dice and some other stuff going on
1. He cast Throne and I dispelled it with 4 dice
2. He cast Flesh to Stone on his Saurus block. I let him have it.
3. He cast Earthblood on his Temple Guard.
4. He put Shield of Thorns on his Saurus.
5. He cast Awakening of the Wood on my Peg Knights and did no wounds.
6. He tried to cast Ice Shard Blizzard on my bowmen and I dispelled it.

1. His engine of the gods put a 5+ on everyone within 12″.

Bret 1



1. My Men at Arms moved up and out of the way of my knights.
2. My knights turned and moved to get around the marsh. They both fit in the game.
3. My Peg Knights were able to flying march up and behind the Engine of the Gods to stare at the flank of the Saurus. (It was much more reasonable on the table than it looks here)

Magic went 5v5
1. I tried to put the Curse on his Saurus, but he shut it down.

1. My bowmen put a wound on the Stegadon.


Lizard 2



1. He took the bait and wheeled his Saurus to face my Peg Knights.
2. He also moved his other Stegadon behind his Saurus.
3. His Temple Guard moved up.
4. The engine of the Gods did not move. I’m not really sure why.

Magic went 7 v 6
1. He cast Throne of Vines Irresistibly and rolled a 1 after the spell was resolved. He rolled calamitous detonation and put a wound on his Slaan while also killing 4 Temple Guard! He also lost his remaining power dice!

1. The Engine did nothing
2. His Giant Blowpipe shot my Peg Knights and killed one of them.


Bret 2



1. The Knights continued to move over.
2. My Peasants moved further toward the marsh. I camped these guys here to wait for his Saurus to move closer. Eventually, I planned on moving across and attacking something.

Magic went 5v5
1. I used all 5 of my dice to get curse up on his Saurus.

1. My Treb missed and managed to kill 1 of my Peg Knights! The remaining Knight then fled 11″ straight back! The tip of the yellow arrow marks about where he ended up.
2. My other Treb hit the Temple Guard and killed 2 of them.
3. My bowmen put a wound on the Skink Crew on the Engine of the Gods.


Lizard 3



1. He moved his Temple Guard up to present a fantastic charge for my General’s unit. I was sort of licking my chops here!
2. He moved up the Engine and Saurus Warriors
3. The other Steg moved up to support the flank of the Saurus.

Magic went 9 v 6:
1. I dispelled his Throne
2. He cast it again, I dispelled it again.
3. He put Regrowth on the Temple Guard and got 4 back, which also healed his Slaan.
4. He tried to put Dwellers on my Treb and failed.
5. He put Burning Alignment on my remaining Peg Knight and did 1 wound.

1. His Blowpipe killed 2 of my bowmen.


Turn 3 Bret



(I’m not sure why my characters disappeared, after deployment, but they are back now!)

1. My KotR went into his Temple Guard!
2. I put my Bowmen into his Engine of the Gods to get them out of the way. His stand and shoot wiped them out!
3. My KE positioned to make a supporting charge next turn. They were faced so that they could hit any of the units.
4. My Peg Knight Rallied, which was a small miracle!

Magic went 4 v 2
1. I got Curse up on the Saurus again with all 4 of my dice.

1. My Treb wiped out the Engine of the Gods!
2. My other Treb hit the other Stegadon, leaving it with 1 wound!

1. My Knights killed 4 of the Temple Guard, but the remainder stuck.

Turn 4 Lizardmen



1. His Steg and Saurus moved up to solidify the Lizard line.

Magic went 10 v 5
1. He again cast Throne Irresistibly. This time he did not roll a 1 though.
2. He tried to cast Regrowth on the Temple Guard, but I used a dispel scroll.

1. His Blowpipe killed 2 of my KE.

1. I killed 3 more Temple Guard, took no wounds in return. They stuck.


Bret 4



1. My Peg Knight went into base to base with his Slaan.
2. My KE went into the Stegadon to go ahead and take that last wound. I did this to protect my KotR, because the prophetess in the KE unit had the Crown of Command. I figured with a bit of magic and reasonable dice, I could tank his Saurus.

My opponent realized that his Slaan and TG unit were probably going to be goners and that my KE would stick around. Eventually I would have either charged his Saurus with my KotR and Men at Arms, and possibly turned my damsel into a dragon.

He conceded and the game ended.

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