7 – Bret v Nurgle Daemons (10/12)

This is a game I played a couple of months ago against an amazingly well painted Nurgle themed Daemons of Chaos Army.

It is the same player and army featured in this battle report against Once Bitten!

This time his list went something like this.

Greater Unclean One with a Flail, Balesword, Noxious Vapors, and Miasma of Pestilence
Herald of Tzeentch, Level 2, Loremaster of Life, Speal Breaker
39 Plaguebearers of Nurgle with Full Command, Standard of Sleeping Decay and a Herald of Nurgle BSB packing the Great Icon of Despair and a Slime Trail
20 Plaguebearers of Nurgle with the Icon of Eternal Virulence, Full Command, and a Herald of Nurgle packing a Slime Trail
3 Nurglings
3 Nurglings
Soul Grinder

I used my standard 2500 point list.


Spells went like so:

1. His Herald of Tzeentch was a level 2 loremaster of life
2. His Heralds of Nurgle and Greater Unclean one all had Miasma

My Level 4 had: Savage Beast of Horros, Curse, the Amber Spear, and Wyssan’s
My Level 2 had Transformation and Wyssans.



I pretty much lost this game in deployment as I let myself get into a bad position where his Nurglings could potentially hold me up. I wasn’t worried about it at the time, but it came back to haunt me later.

My plan was to bust up his Soul Grinder with my HKB lord and KotR. Put my KE in the front of that small unit of Plaguebearers and then use my mounted Yeoman to tarpit his greater unclean one. I was banking on my General’s unit being able to run down the flank of his line once the Soul Grinder was dead.

I made a vanguard move with my Peg Knights to eventually get behind his line and charge his herald of Tzeentch. My Yeowman moved up to get ready to redirect his big unit of Plague Bearers.

I prayed so he went first!


Daemon 1

So not only is this army big tough and scary, it moves fast.
1. His main combat line moved up.
2. His Nurglings moved to flank my knights and get my first treb!

Magic went 6 v 4
1. He failed to cast Throne of Vines with 2 dice.
2. He cast Miasma twice and I dispelled it twice.

1. His Phlegm Cannon missed my Treb.



Bret 1

Movement: (My diagram isn’t great, my pictures are kind of bad)
1. KotR charged the Soul Grinder
2. KE charged the Plague Bearers
3. Men at Arms charged the Greater Unclean One. I maximized so the Damsel was out of Base to Base.
4. My Mounted Yeoman moved up to redirect the big unit of Plague Bearers.
5. My Peg Knights flew behind his line to get ready for some rear charging.

Magic went 6 v 4
1. I cast Savage Beast of Horros on my General, he dispelled it with a daemonic gift.
2. I got Wyssan’s up on my KotR unit.

1. My Trebs managed to kill 12 from his big plague bearer unit!
2. My Bowmen dropped their arrows again.

1. My General Heroic Killing Blowed his Soul Grinder! I did not reform though as I did not want my lance in the forest and could still flank charge his Plaguebearers next turn. Big Mistake!
2. My KE kind’ve rubber lanced. They put 1 wound on his Herald and killed 1 guy. 1 KE died. I won combat and was introduced to Daemonic instability. He rolled and lost no further wounds.
3. In a strange turn of events, my Men at Arms took no wounds from his Daemon, but also dealt none in return. I won combat by 5, but he again rolled well and took no wounds. At this point, I am not a fan of Daemonic Instability!



Daemons 2

1. His Nuglings charged the flank of my KotR
2. His other Nurglings charged my Treb
3. His big unit of Plague Bearers charged my Yeoman
4. His Tzeentch Loremaster moved up.
5. The forest ended up being a Fungus Forest.

Magic went 4 v 3
1. He tried to put Miasma on his big Plague Bearer Unit and failed.
2. He put Miasma on his little Plague Bearer Unit, which I let through.
3. He tried to put Miasma on his General and I dispelled that one.

1. My KE killed 1 guy and 3 knights were killed in return. I broke from combat (despite being stubborn and re-rolling with the General’s Leadership!) and managed to get away.
2. While not visible on the diagram, my charcters made way and the dice gods cursed me. This is really the moment that decided the game. My characters only put 4 wounds on those Nurglings. I took none in return, but he rolled well on Daemonic Instability and took no further wounds. If I could have gotten free this turn, I believe I would have won this game as my KotR would have been free to run down his flank.
3. My Peasants took 2 wounds, but did none to his General. He again rolled well on for Daemonic INstability and took no wounds.
4. He crushed my Yeoman and reformed to face the center.
5. His nurglings ate my Treb and reformed to face the rear of my knights.




Bret 2

1. My Peg Knights charged his Herald of Tzeentch
2. My KE rallied.

Magic went 10 v 7
1. I put Savage Beast of Horros up on my General to kill those damn Nurglings!
2. I tried to cast Transformation with 6 dice, made the roll, but he dispelled it.
3. I tried to put Curse up with 1 die and failed.

1. My Treb missed, but my bowmen got 2 Plaguebearers.

1. So my dice continued to curse me. Despite having Savage Beast of Horros up on my General and having other characters in b2b, I only did 3 wounds to those Nurglings! He also again rolled well on his Daemonic instability test and took no additional wounds. This was my last chance to get these Knights loose and I utterly failed!
2. My Peg Knights only did 1 wound to his Tzeentch caster and he also took no wounds from Daemonic Instability. Really disappointing!



Daemons 3

1. His Plaguebearers got the flank of my Men at Arms.
2. His plaguebearers hit my KE.
3. The other damn Nurglings got my KotR in the rear!

Magic went 12 v 6
1. He put Throne of Vines on his Tzeentch Loremaster. I let him have it as I was looking to stop Miasma. This of course gave him a wound back though.
2. Throne of Vines came back to haunt me. He put Flesh to Stone on his Little unit of Plague Bearers with Irresistible Force and took no wounds!
3. He tried to cast Miasma, I dispelled it.
4. He tried to cast Miasam, I dispelled it.
5. He tried to cast Miasma and failed.

1. My General killed the nurglings on the flank and we put some wounds on the rear pack of Nurglings. He also was not as successful with his Instability test and took more wounds. Unfortunately the nurglings in the rear stuck around. I think they had 1 wound left.
2. My KE did 1 wound and took none. They stuck this time.
3. My Peasants put 2 wounds on his unit of plague bearers, but 11 of them died. They held though!
4. My Peg Knights did 1 wound and took 1 wound.



Bret 3

Magic went 6 v 6
1. I threw all my dice at becoming a Greater Fire Dragon and managed to cast it with Irressistible Force. Only 1 peasant died too! Things took a turn to the weird though in this turn as the dragon could not fit in the front of the unit. We placed it at the back of the unit so that it remained in base to base with the Plague Bearers so we did not lessen the number of models in contact.

1. My KotR destroyed that last Nurgling and made a crazy reform to face the flank of the small Plague Bearer Unit.
2. My Peg Knights managed to kill his Herald. Huzzah! I left them facing so they could charge the rear of the small Plague Bearer Unit.
3. My KE did no wounds and took 2 for their trouble. They stuck though.
4. Things go weird again. His General challenged my dragon. I accepted (huge mistake as he was packing the balesword, but I wasn’t sure what else to do). We moved his Daemon to be in b2b with my Dragon as my dragon could not move to him. My dragon took 9 wounds and died. My peasants killed nothing in return. 9 of them died. I remained steadfast by a hair and they just barely stuck using my General’s leadership and BSB’s re-roll.




Daemons 4

We put the Greater Unclean one back into the front of my Peasants as it won the challenge and should have remained in Base to Base with the Men at Arms.

Magic went 6 v 3
1. He tried to cast Miasma and failed.
2. He tried to put Miasma on the Greater Unclean One and I dispelled it.
3. He cast Miasma again, but I used my dispel scroll.

1. 12 peasants died, he took none, they broke and fled 9. both units pursued. The Unclean one went 12″ and the plague bearers went 4″ ahead.

That was the game right there.

My KE stuck around and were eventually killed. I didn’t really have the positioning or units at that point to take him so we decided to see if I could avoid him long enough to preserve my points, which ironically enough might have been sufficient to win. He got my general’s unit though in turn 5 I think.

I was quite disappointed, because I felt like I should have won this game. My strategy was sound and I got the match ups I wanted. If my KotR had manged to get loose I would have rolled the flank or rear of that small unit of Plaugue Bearers and eventually double charged his big unit of Plague Bearers with both units of knights. My Peasants would have been able to tank the Greater Unclean One for the duration of the game.

Kudos to my opponent though for having an awesome looking army!

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