6 – Bret v Dwarfs (12/8/12)

This past Saturday, I played in my last league game.

It was a custom scenario that went like so:

An army is only as strong as the commanders and officers that lead it.  The vagaries of weather and terrain cannot protect a poorly led force.  Cursing the ill luck that has plagued this campaign from the start, your General is resorting to a tried and true tactic.  Cut off the head and watch the body die!  An army with no officers is hardly an army at all…..


Roll for D3 +4 pieces of terrain.  This terrain can be randomly generated according to pg. 142 of the basic rulebook, or players can reach an agreement between them concerning what types of terrain are used.  However, any terrain pieces that are not buildings shall be Mysterious Terrain.

Roll off and then alternate placing terrain.


The battle is to follow the rules for the “Battleline” scenario on pg. 144 of the brb.

Game Length

The game shall end after turn 6 or at any time a player’s army is wiped out.  If a player chooses to concede, determine Battle Points according to the 2500+ VP difference section of the scoring chart.


“Double the grog for a man who brings me the head of an officer!”



At the end of turn 6 determine Victory Points according to pg. 143 of the brb.  Once Victory Points are determined, refer to the attached table to resolve battle points.

Bonus Battle Points

+? For Taking Heads!

Each enemy character or unit champion killed is worth 1 Battle Point.

The only exception to this rule is that if an enemy wizard is killed by a miscast that you did not cause, you may not claim a battle point for his death.  However, if an enemy caster is killed as the result of a miscast caused by an item like the Hellheart, or an item that causes the wizard to modify his miscast results, you would then receive a battle point for his death.  The use of an item like the Feedback Scroll or Silver Mirror would also achieve this objective.

+2 For Assassination Attempt!

To achieve this objective, you must cause the enemy general to be removed as a casualty!  This means that killing the enemy general would award a total of 3 Battle Points!

The only exception to this rule is that if an enemy wizard is killed by a miscast that you did not cause, you may not claim a battle point for his death.  However, if an enemy caster is killed as the result of a miscast caused by an item like the Hellheart or an item that causes the wizard to modify his miscast results, you would then receive a battle point for his death.  The use of an item like the Feedback Scroll or Silver Mirror would also achieve this objective.

+? Leaders are Survivors!

Each of your own unit champions or characters that survive the battle is worth 1 Battle Point.

+1 Have 3 fully painted units on the table


Scoring Instructions

Total Victory points up for both players and then consult the VP Difference Table to determine Battle Points.  Fill in the Score Card with this information and any Bonus Battle Points Earned.  Initial the bottom of the page and turn it in to the store manager.

VP Difference Battle Points VP Difference Battle Points
2500+ 20/6 750-999 13/8
2250-2499 19/6 500-749 12/9
2000-2249 18/6 250-499 11/9
1750-1999 17/7 0-249 10/10
1500-1749 16/7    
1250-1499 15/7    
1000-1249 14/8    
  Player 1 Player 2








VP Scored  



Battle Points  



+? For Taking Heads!  


+2 for Assassination!


+? for Survival!


+1 for having 3 painted


Total Points








I used my standard 2500 point Bret List that is linked from the top of the home page.

His list went like so: (In no specific order)

Thunderers x 10
Thunderers x 10
Dwarf Warriors x 30, Full Command
Dwarf Warriors x 30, Great Axes, Long Beards, Full Command, Rune Standard Sanctuary
Iron Breakers x 25 Full Command, Rune Standard Sanctuary
Thane, BSB, Master Rune of Gromril Armour
Dwarf Lord, Shield Bearers, Rune Weapon, Master Rune of Alaric, Rune of Fury, Rune of Cleaving, Ring with Rune of Warding
Quarrelers x 12 with shields
Rune Smith, Shield, Axe with ring of fury
Rune Smith, Great Weapon, Armour with Rune of Stone
Organ Gun x 2





I made sure to put my knights and other important units just out of range of his Thunderers and Organ Guns.  I made vanguard moves with my Pegasus Knights and Mounted Yeoman.  I obviously intended on getting the Peg Knights around to the flank of his line.  I moved my mounted Yeoman up to attract the attention of whatever shooting he had available on the off chance that I had misjudged the range of his units.  This is probably a wasteful move, but without anything to redirect and no cannons, they really didn’t serve much of a purpose in this situation.

My Army Prayed and he chose to go first.


Dwarf 1



In true Dwarfish Fashion he didn’t move.

1. His Hand Gunners wiped out my Mounted Yeoman.
2. His Quarrellers picked off a Bowman.


Bret 1


Bret 1

1. My Peg Knights flew up around the side of the tower of blood. The actual terrain piece we used on the table is much smaller than the one in this diagram. They got around it much easier and less dramatically than it looks here.
2. Both units of Knights and my Men at Arms Marched Straight Forward.

Magic went 7 v 6.
1. I cast curse on the Organ Gun with 4 dice which was dispelled.
2. I got Wyssan’s up on my KotR unit.

1. Both of my Trebs came to play this game and killed 15 of the Dwarf Warriors on his left flank!
2. My Bowmen dropped their arrows.


Dwarf 2



Dwarf 2

1. His Miners appeared behind my right most Trebuchet.
2. Nothing else moved.

1. The Hand Gunners on the right opened up on my KE. I saved everything though.
2. The other Gunners killed 1 KE.
3. The Organ Gun killed 5 KE.
4. The other Organ Gun killed another KE.
5. The Quarrellers tried to shoot my KE, but failed to do anything.


Bret 2



1. My Peg Knights charged his Warriors and made it.
2. My KotR charged his Organ Gun and made it.
3. My KE charged his Thunderers and made it.

I hoped that all of these units would crush their opponents and then overrun into the units behind. That would put my Pegs into the Flank of the Iron Breakers with all of my characters into the front. My stubborn KE would also end up in the other Warrior unit preventing them from flanking my KotR unit.

Magic went 8 v 7 or 7 v 6 again.
1. I put curse up on the Hand Gunners to the left. I did this to try and dissuade a flank charge as he would have to test for dangerous terrain and fail it on a 2 or at least minimise any damage done if he charged anyway.
2. I tried to put a boosted Savage Beast of Horros up on all of my characters for when they hit the Iron Breakers. He dispelled that one.

1. My Trebs again came to the party! Two Direct Hits landed on the Iron Breakers killing approximately 23 of them!
2. My Bowmen went all Robin Hood and killed 3 or 4 Quarrellers.

1. My Peg Knights killed 5 Warriors and took no wounds in return. (Only 2 dwarfs were in B2B). I won combat by a ton, but he stuck. He attempted to reform, but failed the leadership test.
2. My KotR unit destroyed the Organ Gun and overran into the now weakened Iron Breakers.
3. My KE Rubber Lanced the Thunderers and killed only 2. The Thunderers stuck.


Dwarf 3



Dwarf 3

1. His miners charged my Trebuchet, crushed it, and reformed to face the other.
2. He wanted to charge my KotR with his other warrior unit, but could not as the Thunderers were in the way.

1. His Quarrellers killed 5 peasants.
2. The Organ Gun killed 2 more peasants.

Combat: (In order of how it was resolved in the game)
KotR v Iron Breakers
1. His General issued a Challenge. I should have refused it with my unit champion, but decided to be semi-honorable and accept it with my unit champion rather than my general. I don’t know much about Dwarves, but his lord was tricked out to kill stuff. He ate my unit champion inflicting 3 wounds.
2. My General killed 3 of his dwarves, while everyone else accomplished nothing. However, I had so much static combat res, I won combat by a ton. He failed his leadership saves and I rode him down and went off the board.
3. That combat netted me His General and BSB!
4. The unengaged units passed their leadership tests.

Peg Knigts v Warriors
1. I killed 2 more Dwarfs and took no wounds in return.
2. The Dwarfs Broke and I rode them down.
3. My Pursuit role was a 12! I ended up striking the flank of the other Dwarf Warrior Unit!

KE v Thunderers
1. I killed 1 Dwarf and took no wounds in return.
2. I won combat by 3, he broke, I pursued and caught him which made me run into the warriors as well!


Bret 3



Bret 3

1. My KotR unit came back on to the board. The unit was so long though that when I placed the rear of it against the table, I was able to reform my knights 2 wide so that they faced the flank of the Thunderers. The spacing is a bit off in the diagram.
2. The Peasant Rabble continued to march.

Magic went 7 v 5.
1. I cast Curse on his warriors, but he dispelled it.
2. I got Wyssan’s Wildform up on my KE.

1. My Treb missed his Organ Gun.
2. My Bowmen got another Quarreller.

1. My Peg Knights killed a warrior.
2. My KE got 4 warriors.
3. The Dwarfs did nothing in return.
4. I won combat by 8. He broke and I elected to pursue with both units.
5. I rolled the KE first and they went off the table. (which is what I wanted!)
6. I rolled my Peg Knights and got an 11. This resulted in them hitting the Organ Gun. It was much closer than it looks here.


Dwarf 4



Dwarf 4

1. His miners made the charge into my Trebuchet (by 1 inch!) and wiped it out.

1. His Quarrellers killed 3 more peasants.
2. I corrected the diagram here. There was enough of my KotR unit in his front arc for his Handgunners to shoot them. He killed 2 KotR.

1. My Peg Knights destroyed his Organ Gun.


Bret 4



1. My KotR charged the Thunderers.
2. Peg Knights and Peasants into the Quarrellers.
3. My KE came back on to the board and moved another 8 inches.

Magic went 7 v 4.
1. I put curse on the Quarrellers.
2. I put Wyssan’s on my Peasants.

1. My KotR crushed the Thunderers and then reformed into the lance formation.
2. MY Peg Knights and Peasants slaughtered the Quarrellers. The Quarrellers broke and I pursued with the peasants and restrained my Peg Knights.

The rest of the game turned into a contest to see whether or not my knights could get his miners. Unfortunately during turn 6 I failed both of my charges and the miners lived to see another day.

Post Game Reflection:
1. I should not have just given him my Mounted Yeoman. They wouldn’t do much for me here, but it was still wasteful.
2. Where were the cannons? A couple of those would have forced me to be to do some maneuvering rather than just cram my knights down his throat in Turn 2.
3. I don’t think my opponnents deployment helped him at all. The Thunderers prevented him from getting his combat units into combat. The Organ Gun effectively blocked his best combat unit!
4. After scoring 3 direct hits and a lucky scatter with my trebs, I fully expect them to do nothing for at least the next two games I play.
5. With few exceptions, my dice were pretty hot during this one. My pursuit and overrun rolls were ridiculous.
6.  I should have probably took the knights down his left flank rather than go up the center, but I was pretty confident they would survive the shooting and get the job done.


  1. Yes bad deployment on the part of the Dawi . No thunderers points into GW Clansmen and have an Anvil Of Doom plus two cannons . Channel yer army into lanes of fire and slow down Knights with the AOD and shatter with the Organ guns and charge into knights with GW units using AOD . And use cannons to get enfliading fire on the Knight units . Good game any way .

  2. That was rather one sided, but congratulations on the win anyway. I guess when you get direct hits with both Trebuchets for two turns and take out ~40 infantry you were always going to be in a strong place. Thanks for taking the time to report.

    Your post-game summary is a really good idea. For the Dwarfs, I suppose that taking a couple of Spellbreaker runes on the Runesmiths might have helped a bit too.

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