4 – Bret v Orcs & Goblins 2500 Points (10/13/2012)

I played a game this past Saturday against one of my regular opponents.  He plays an Orc & Goblin Army with a bunch of the more annoying things from that army book.  Fanatics, Mangler Squigs, and loads of War Machines.

I don’t have a copy of his list so I am lacking details about how his characters are kitted out.  I know the Orc Shaman with the Savage Orcs has the lucky shrunken head.

My list is the one posted up under my current 2500 Bret list.




Spells were rolled.

Prophetess – Pann’s, Wyssan’s, Amber Spear, Curse of Anraheir
Damsel – Wyssan’s, Transformation

Lvl 2 Goblin Shaman – Curse of the Badmmoon, Gork’ll Fix it
Lvl 2 Goblin Shaman – Vindictive Glare, Night Shroud
Lvl 2 Orc Shaman with Shrunken Head – Hand of Gork, Ere We Go

Peg Knights and Mounted Yeoman both made Vanguard Moves.

My plan was for the yeoman to try and pop out fanatics while sending the Peg Knights to get that Rock Lobba in the corner then stay behind enemy lines. I put all of the knights down the flank to keep them away from that mess in the middle. My intention was to bust the other war machines in the corner then roll up the enemy flank.

My knights all prayed and the orcs took the first turn.

Orcs Turn 1



1. His fanatics came out and one of them went through my Mounted Yeoman. It killed a few and they fled back through it which killed the remainder of them. I thought the fanatic should have been killed, but my opponent argued otherwise. It didn’t matter that much to me so I let it stand as is. He also didn’t realize that the stakes in front of my archers count as a fence, so I was happy for his fanatic on the right to move toward it and hopefully kill himself on it.

Magic went 9 v 8

1. He cast Night Shroud on the unit of Night Goblins to the far right, I let it through and shouldn’t have as it would cause a dangerous terrain test on my knights if they charged it.
2. He also cast Gork’ll Fix it on another unit. I let that go as well.
3. He cast Vindictive Glare on my bowmen which I dispelled with three of my dice.
4. He tried to put the hand of Gork on his Savage Orcs, which was what I was waiting for and hammered it with the rest of my dice.


1. The DD got one of my KotR.
2. The Spear Chukka got one of my KE, which I thought was questionable at the time, but let it be.


Bret Turn 1


Bret 1

1. My Peg Knights moved up to make sure they get the lobba in the next turn.
2. I did not move my peasants as there was just way too much stuff up there for them to deal with.
3. I also did not move my knights. I really wanted to charge that unit of Goblins, but between the fanatics and dangerous terrain tests it was just too much for me to feel confident doing so. If only one of those were in play, I’d have gone for it, but not with both.

Magic went 11 v 6

1. I used 6 dice to turn my Damsel into a Dragon. It went off with Irresistible Force, which I was just fine with as she would only really hurt peasants. I ended up putting 1 wound on the Damsel and losing the rest of my dice. I fully planned on using the dragon to make life hell for all of that stuff in the middle.


1. Both of my trebuchets did squat. The one on the left misfired and then misfired every single time for the rest of the game…..
2. My peasant bowmen went all Robin Hood though and managed to hit the Goblin Shaman behind the fence 5 times (needed 6’s to hit) and then wounded him 4 times! This was pretty amazing and more important, caused the Goblin Unit I elected not to charge to flee. (they were exactly 6 inches apart, the picture is misleading) This pissed my opponent off majorly as he did not realized that even the death of a single model would cause panic tests. This also killed the fanatics that had not popped out.


O&G 2


Orcs 2

1. The fanatic closest to the peasants rolled doubles and died.
2. The fanatic behind him went through the squig hoppers killing 4.
3. The remaining squig hopper did not panic and moved up.
4. The Night Goblins on the right rallied.
5. I’m not sure if the Savage Orcs moved up to the wall in turn 1 or 2, but according to the pictures on my phone they were by the wall at this point in the game.

Magic went 6 v 6
1. He attempred to cast curse of the badmoon with the little shaman by the tower. He used 6 dice. It was a really high roll so I used my dispel scroll.

1. He killed 1 of my peg knights with a spear chukka. They held though.
2. His rock lobbas went to town on my dragon. He placed the templates on the back left corner of the dragon’s base so the hole was on the dragon’s base and he would hit plenty of peasants. Unfortunately for me he hit with both rock lobbas. The net result was a dead dragon and 6 dead peasants!


Bret 2


Bret 2

1. Sans Dragon, I attempted to pass a march test with my peasants, but failed the leadership test. they moved up 4 inches instead. I had hoped to run them into the Mangler Squig on the right to get it off the board.
2. The Peg Knights charged the Lobba, killed it and reformed to face the right.
3. The picture is misleading here as the NG were closer to the knight units. I tried to charge them with both units of knights, assuming I would faile with the KE, but hoping to make it in with the KotR. One of the paladins in that unit had virtue of the impetuous knight adding an additional 6″ to my charge move. The goblins elected to flee though which resulted in both of my charges failing. The knights moved up 5″ and the Goblins fled 4″.

Magic went 10 v 7
1. I put a boosted Pann’s Impenetrable Pelt up on my characters and he let it through.
2. I tried to put the curse of anraheir on his Goblin Warboss on the squig and he dispelled it.
3. I got Wyssan’s Wildform on the KotR unit.

1. My trebs continued their streak of uselessness.
2. My bowmen managed to put 1 wound on his goblin shama with curse of the badmoon by the tower. I was really hoping to pick him off.


O&G 3


Orc 3

1. No Charges
2. His Fanatic hit the peasant’s fence and died.
3. The Goblin Warboss got into the bowmen.
4. The remaining squig hopper got into the flank of the bowmen, again picture is misleading.
5. His remaining goblin shaman got into the tower.
6. That unit of Night Goblins fled off the table, but clipped the DD in the process. It failed the panic test leaving it unable to shoot this turn.

Magic went 3 v 2
1. He used his 3 dice to cast the curse of the badmoon. It went off with IF and went down the center of the Men at Arms and off the table. The shaman lost his remaining wound and died. 12 peasants were killed, but amazingly they passed the panic test.

1. His shooting accomplished nothing across the board and one of his spear chukkas took a wound due to a misfire.

1. His Goblin warboss and squig mount killed 4 peasants, the remaining squig hopper did nothing. My peasants also did not do anything and broke from combat fleeing 4″. The hopper and boss both pursued and destroyed them on 7’s.


Bret 3


Bret 3

1. My peasants charged the Goblin Unit.
2. I made a mistake! The KotR unit were on the left and the KE were on the right. So after the picture has been corrected, I moved the KE way up and then had all of the characters in the KotR unit leave and join the KE. I was nervous about the mangler squigs and warboss coming toward my knights and began to adopt a point denial strategy. The KE unit also got just close enough so that they could not be shot by those catapults.
3. Peg Knights moved toward those spear chukkas.

Magic went 7v7
1. I put a boosted Pann’s on my characters. He let me have it.
2. I attempted to put curse on the closest Mangler Squig and he dispelled it.

1. My left most Treb misfired again.
2. The right Treb attempted to hit the right Mangler Squig, but missed and scattered way off to land on that unit of Night Goblins. It killed 12 which was awesome, but they passed their panic test.

1. 3 assassins jumped out of the Goblin unit, but managed to do no wounds to my peasants.
2. My peasants inflicted 3 wounds on the goblins and took 1 in return. I won combat by 3, he failed his break test and my peasants ran them down moving 9″.

O&G 4


Orc 4

1. The Mangler Squig just missed my KE unit.
2. The Boss on the Wyvern failed the charge to my KotR unit.
3. The squig hopper got into the treb.
4. The Goblin boss failed to get the treb.
5. His last fanatic almost got his spear chukka which would have been awesome.

Magic went 7 v 6
1. He cast Ere we go on his Savage Orcs and I let him have it.
2. He cast Hand of Gork on the Savage Orcs, which I was waiting for and dispelled it.

1. His Spear Chukka misfired and destroyed itself and the other also misfired costing it a chance to shoot.
2. His DD missed.
3. His last Lobba killed a Peg Knight, but they stuck.

1. My Treb peasants took 3 wounds, but managed to kill the Squig Hopper by inflicting 2 wounds leaving them to fight another day.


Bret 4


Bret 4

1. The KE character bus charged the Rock Lobba, destroyed it, and overran off the board. Getting them off the board and denying those points was my goal so I felt pretty good about this, but it came back to bite me next turn.
2. The Peg Knight charged the other spear chukk and made it. It crushed the chukka, but I made a fatal mistake. I was worried about that fanatic so I elected to ovverrun, but rolled a 12 putting him into the back of the Savage Orcs.
3. I figured the KotR were basically screwed so I moved them so that if he ran his Mangler squigs into them and rolled high he might hit his own units.

Magic went 6 v 5
1. I put the curse on the Savage Orcs with Irresistible Force and managed to lose 2 knights while putting 1 wound on 2 of my paladins.

1. Both trebs did squat.

1. The Doom Diver failed it’s panic test when the Lobba was destroyed robbing it of the chance to shoot next turn.


O&G 5


Orc 5

1. The Orcboss on the Wyvern charged the flank of my KotR unit. It wasn’t as improbable as it looked here.
2. His Goblin Warboss on the Squig finished off that treb and overran a whole bunch.
3. His fanatic moved around up there closer toward my peasants.
4. This is where moving off the board hurt me. He moved his Mangler Squig so that when my knights came back on the board would have to hit it, because of how long the unit was.
5. He just got the other Mangler Squig out of the way.

Magic went 6 v 5
1. He cast Ere We Go on the Savage Orcs, but it went off with Irresistible Force. 3 Orcs died and he lost the rest of his PD.

No Shooting

1. My Peg Knight killed an orc, but was then slaughtered.
2. His warboss and wyvern did a bunch of wounds, but between hot dice, the blessing, and armour I saved them all! The Knights won combat, but the warboss stuck and my knights reformed to face him.


Bret 5


Bret 5

1. The KE unit came on and lost 8 knights to the Mangler Squig! 5 were left with the characters and they passed the panic test.
2. The Men at Arms moved up and got the fanatic. 3 died.

Magic went 10 v 7
1. I tried to put curse on the Savage Orcs which was dispelled.
2. I got Wyssan’s on the KotR.
3. I cast a str 10 Amber Spear on the other Mangler Squig, wounded him, and rolled a 1 for the # of wounds…

1. That treb misfired again, but took a wound this time.

1. His orc boss challenged. I accepted and my champion took 5 wounds. I was hoping he would take less through saves. I lost combat by 1, but stuck.


O&G 6


Orcs 6

1. The Savage Orcs failed animosity and squabbled.
2. The Goblin Warboss went into the treb and killed it.
3. The Mangler Squig blocked my characters and KE from charging the Warboss.

There was no magic as the Shaman was busy squabbling.

1. The Doom Diver misfired and was destroyed.

1. The Warboss and Wyvern killed 3 knights, but I put 2 wounds on the Wyvern winning combat by 2. The Warboss stuck.


Bret 6


Bret 6

There was no movement. I had no desire to sacrifice my Men at Arms to the Savage Orcs or Knights to the Mangler Squig.

Magic went 3v3.
I managed to get curse up on the Warboss.

1 Knight died and I did no wounds and won combat by 2. The Warboss stuck though.

That was game.

We were playing a scenario that turned victory points into battle points and had some mission objectives that awarded other battle points.

Basically, I ended up scoring 245 more victory points than my opponent. However, he claimed 3 Battle Points for killing my KotR Champion in that duel. I played this scenario at a GT in June. The Scenario awarded the 3 BP for killing a character or monster with your general. At that tournament unit champions did not count as characters. I let him have the 3 BP here as there had been plenty of bickering in this game and I was done with the whole thing.

So after yielding him the 3 BP it ended up being 14 to 12 in his favor. Had I scored 5 more VP, it would have been 15 to 12 in my favor. Had I not let him have the 3 BP, it would have went 12 to 11 in my favor.

All in all, I felt like I screwed this game up a fair bit. I should have put the knights on the left flank or just put them in the middle and went at it. I got too cute with deployment and it cost me again. One of these days I’ll stop doing that.

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